Welcome to my #Soaksunday week 6



I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, I think I have a touch of Spring fever. I’m organizing and cleaning, I’m laundering and sorting and falling back in love with my house all over again, even though we are still contemplating moving. Maybe it was the dark nights of winter finally passing, maybe its because the Florida heat is just right- not to hot and not too cold for me. Whatever the reason, I’m bouncing around with a big spring in my step right now. However, that is all well and good but that means that I am also throughly exhausted by the end of the day, and I’m so ready for a long soak in a hot bath.



So while this is my #soaksunday post, I’ve actually been soaking all week! You see, to me, a morning shower is fine, but I am not personally a shower person. I’m in, washed, and out in less than ten minutes.It is to cleanse only. But I can stay in a bubble bath for the longest time -a couple of hours sometimes.


aqua grl turban


So this week it’s been morning showers and evening baths. I take my current read in with me (at present I’m reading the Gisha trilogy and loving it), a nice drink, (usually tea but I’m on a little health kick right now ready for my upcoming  Disney cruise in six weeks: EEK! So I’m overdosing on juices) and either play something relaxing on Amazon’s Alexa or watch a movie on my laptop by candle light. It really resets me.


This Sunday I used a combination of Lush products and a bath bomb by ‘All of the book things’ It was a lovely combination. I used ‘The Joy of Jelly’ shower jelly by Lush Kitchen, and ‘The comforter’ by Lush USA. It made for a lovely bath cocktail.



Once the water was really running I added the ‘Red as Dawn‘ bath bomb for a final flourish. It has a spicy dogwood and ginger scent, and gives a clean, perky scent, which is perfect for renewing your energy levels.


IMG_3374 (1)

My read for today is the last of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I’m reading ‘Ruin and Rising’ and it’s SO good. I cannot wait to see how it ends. I’m sure there are many more twists and turns to come. You can get your copy of this series ( starting with ‘Shadow and Bone’ from Amazon  You will not regret it!



If you’re like me and love collecting bookish merchandise , how about this perfect candle by The Melting Library


It smells delicious!

IMG_3379 (1)



Thank you for joining me this week. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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Take care,

lots of love, Sally xxx


Welcome to Week 5 of Soak Sunday.



Goodness what a busy weekend I’ve had!


Some back story: late last year we thought we’d found our dream house. It meant moving several hundred miles away, but we were willing to make a fresh start. It was an old Victorian painted lady and I had great plans for it. Anyway someone beat us to it and we decided to stay where we were, after all, we loved our home and hadn’t actually intended to move prior to falling in love with the Victoria when the details landed in my in-box..


But you know how that goes- once you decide to move you suddenly can’t stop looking for properties. So we spent Saturday viewing model homes in this area. We found some great contenders and that put us in the right frame of mind to clear out the clutter in our lives ready for when we find the perfect place.


So Sunday was spent with us facing all our clutter and taking a trip to the garbage tip. Not fun but necessary! It was hard work and every muscle ached by the end of the day, but boy, what a satisfying feeling!

So to get to my point, I really needed a long soak to ease those exhausted muscles. I also needed an injection of energy too since it was only afternoon when we’d finished. So I chose a lovely bath cocktail with citrus notes, to both relax and invigorate me.


I began with pouring some ‘Olive branch shower gel on the base of the bath, to start up the bubble process. Then I chose the ‘Refresher‘ shower jelly which I’d already prepared into cubes, and I mixed that with the ‘Ex Factor’ bath bomb (that little one with a stick figure in it) that I bought from the Lush Kitchen in the U.K (they ship to the U.S.A)…





Then I  added two other bathbomb’s for maximum impact – I chose ‘Fizzbanger‘  as seen above. This lovely fizzing bath bomb looks like lemon but is fun of the scent of cinnamon and apples. The colors are spectacular and I did not expect them! They were stunning.












Finally I added  ‘Yoga Bomb‘ which looks orange but has sandalwood, olibanum and ho wood oils encased inside.



This was even prettier! I wish I could share the scent with you. They were so delicious.














I set myself up with a lovely candle from ‘The melting Library’ (I think they are no longer in business sadly) and relaxed into the most delicious citrus scented bubble bath and settled down to read more of my new Diana Gabaldon book ‘Dragonfly in Amber’. It was the perfect end to a busy day. I think I was in there until the water went cold!



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Have a great day. I’ll be back tomorrow with my ‘Outlander’ book review.


Lots of love, Sally xxx


Soak Sunday week 4

Welcome to week four of my #soaksunday.



This week I decided to go for an energizing bath. I’d spent my Sunday trying to organize our garage (which is full of my husbands work tools amongst other surprises ) We try to face it a couple of times per year, but always dread it, especially in the Florida heat. I always admire the way the Americans can beep open their garage door and glide their car into it. I’m from England, where garages are really a fancy name for an extra storage room. We fill our garages with boxes and Christmas stuff, bikes and anything-that-hasn’t-been-used-in-ages-but-may-one-day-come-in-handy! So by the end of the day I was as ready for my #soaksunday as a desert cactus is for rain.


Anyway…. So I was in need of extra therapy. I picked out ‘The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh to read. I really enjoyed the first book in the duology The Wrath and the Dawn and I immersed myself into a world of deserts and war, love and destiny. Pure escapism for an hour or so.


Initially I chose The Olive branch shower gel to start with. I then chose to use  a limited edition Lush bath bomb today. This first one is from the Lush Kitchen ‘ex factor’  I added the shower Jelly Whoosh to make a cocktail, and finally threw in an extra bath bomb (because I’m worth it)


I loved the vivid blue color that the water changed into. It felt so cleansing, and the aroma from the bath bombs were just so refreshing. The air felt totally charged. I’d like to say it gave me instant energy, but I was totally beat, although I felt much better after a good soak. Next time I plan to tidy my garage in 80 degree heat, I’ll take one of these baths beforehand. img_1697

But for me there is nothing better than a long hot bubble bath, with a cup of tea and a good book. It is pure heaven for me. Total luxury.

On a week night I usually prop my laptop on a chair next to the bath and watch Netflix or an Amazon movie while I soak. It’s become such a ritual for me, I think I spend more time preparing for my bath as I do soaking in it. What do you guys do to recharge after a long day at work or school? Any tips. I’d love to hear them.

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Lots of love

Sally xxx