Soak Sunday week 4

Welcome to week four of my #soaksunday.



This week I decided to go for an energizing bath. I’d spent my Sunday trying to organize our garage (which is full of my husbands work tools amongst other surprises ) We try to face it a couple of times per year, but always dread it, especially in the Florida heat. I always admire the way the Americans can beep open their garage door and glide their car into it. I’m from England, where garages are really a fancy name for an extra storage room. We fill our garages with boxes and Christmas stuff, bikes and anything-that-hasn’t-been-used-in-ages-but-may-one-day-come-in-handy! So by the end of the day I was as ready for my #soaksunday as a desert cactus is for rain.


Anyway…. So I was in need of extra therapy. I picked out ‘The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh to read. I really enjoyed the first book in the duology The Wrath and the Dawn and I immersed myself into a world of deserts and war, love and destiny. Pure escapism for an hour or so.


Initially I chose The Olive branch shower gel to start with. I then chose to use  a limited edition Lush bath bomb today. This first one is from the Lush Kitchen ‘ex factor’  I added the shower Jelly Whoosh to make a cocktail, and finally threw in an extra bath bomb (because I’m worth it)


I loved the vivid blue color that the water changed into. It felt so cleansing, and the aroma from the bath bombs were just so refreshing. The air felt totally charged. I’d like to say it gave me instant energy, but I was totally beat, although I felt much better after a good soak. Next time I plan to tidy my garage in 80 degree heat, I’ll take one of these baths beforehand. img_1697

But for me there is nothing better than a long hot bubble bath, with a cup of tea and a good book. It is pure heaven for me. Total luxury.

On a week night I usually prop my laptop on a chair next to the bath and watch Netflix or an Amazon movie while I soak. It’s become such a ritual for me, I think I spend more time preparing for my bath as I do soaking in it. What do you guys do to recharge after a long day at work or school? Any tips. I’d love to hear them.

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Lots of love

Sally xxx


3 thoughts on “Soak Sunday week 4

  1. I aspire to do this in my life! This sounds so relaxing and energizing and I really need to do this sometimes soon. This sounds wonderful, thank you for posting this!


  2. This truly inspires me to do the same. Something all I need is to just curl up with a cook (of course that can also be done in a tub) and to just relax. Loving the colors of the bath. I’m a huge Lush fan so I’m happy to see a Lush bath bomb in there too. Sounds like Sunday well spent.

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