A Brand New Year is all ours…

Happy New-Year!!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa brought you all your favorite things.
It all seemed to go by in a bit of a blur for us. One minute we were counting down the days to Christmas, and the next, it was all over again for another year.it was gone in the blink of an eye, or so it seemed.



I guess it’s because we didn’t have anything planned, and so, the holiday period was pretty much disorganized chaos. I’m not saying we didn’t have fun, but I just wish now that we’d planned better, and immersed ourselves in every moment!


And so, with this in mind and as the New Year approached I did a lot of thinking…

I didn’t want to start 2017 without any plans for the year. I decided to take matters in hand and strategically plan what I wanted to achieve this coming year, and figure out a way to make as many of my dreams and plans come to fruition. It took me two days of reading, researching and planning. Eventually I had everything in order.


It didn’t seem like hard work as New Year is an exciting for me.


You see, I’m one of those people who love the feeling of a blank slate, a fresh start and 365 days of possibilities!

So I made a conscious effort to be proactive with this coming year and so I began by putting an order in at Amazon, and also treating myself to another new planner from Kikki-K.

planner-girl-clipart-10For my planner I chose a large desk sized one. I love a bit of glitz so I picked a gold mirrored design. Its absolutely GORGEOUS!



In the front cover there is a small ‘To Do’ notepad, which I can easily remove and take with me without having to lug the whole binder with me. Beautiful mirror gold tabs separate the different sections, and I have my 2017 day diary where I can journal at the end of the evening, then there is a ‘Meetings’ section, followed by a larger ‘To do’ section, then full page diary inserts that are ready to be named and organized. Finally there is a large notepad at the back. You can buy the different inserts and tailor the planner to your own style. Right now it’s the journal part that I’m most interested in as I want to record my progress through the year. Here is a small video to showcase it in all its glory!



The next book I purchased was ‘The Secret Gratitude Book’ by Rhonda Byrne. I purchased ‘The Secret’ a few years ago and I try to follow the aspects of living positively in my life. If you want to learn more about ‘The Secret’ you can also view the program on Netflix.

The idea in my Gratitude book is that at the end of every day I write down six things that I am grateful for. There are positive affirmations scattered throughout the book, which aim to keep you focused. I just write mine down as bullet points.

For example, yesterday I wrote:

Today I am thankful for….

  • Hubby made us both a lovely chicken dinner.
  • I read 112 books between February 2016 (when I started my Bookstagram account) and December 31st!
  • I found lots of inspirational posts on health and fitness while on Instagram and I’m following some great new feeds.
  • We found a super T.V series on Netflix called ‘The Visitors’
  • We have decided to use one of the spare bedrooms and convert it into a library room for me.
  • I sat picking paint colors and hubby was picking flooring for the room, so its getting a huge facelift.

As you can see, there is nothing too fantastic going on in my entry, but it is the little things in life that can bring great pleasure. I know its going to take a few weeks to make this room into my library (not a real sized library as the room is only 12×14 feet) but each new step of change will be so exciting to me for sure! Also having my husband cook dinner for me was a wonderful treat too. Just writing down these small moments of happiness is a super way of being present and encouraging you to take more notice of the world around you and appreciating the small things. Already, it’s making a huge difference to my perspective!


Next on my purchase list is ‘My Law of Attraction project Planner’ by Pamela Thompson and Donna Hawkins.

This book encourages you to set goals and break them down into manageable pieces. It also focus’ on the gratitude list and asks you to enter the six things that you are grateful for each day, along with prompts for relaxation, meditation and listing your intentions for things that you don’t yet have but are aiming for. It has a project plan section, where you list your project and then add the steps necessary to put it into action. I also love that there are coloring pages to help you to relax while you ponder.

If you want to live a positive life I cannot recommend Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book: “Simple Adundance’ any higher. Your Mom probably has this book. Mine did. Read It! It is just beautiful, and positive and uplifting. It is written in the style of an essay for every day of the week with a month end list of suggestions for making life more lovely. Sarah lists them as ‘Joyful simplicities for January, Feb, March…’ etc. You cannot help but see things more positively after reading this book. Whenever I feel the need for some inspiration in my life, I still turn to this classic book.


My final book purchase was ‘The Law of Attraction Planner’ a thirty day guide to putting everything into practice. This book takes everything that the other books tell you and breaks it down even further. There are lots of micro details, and mapping for you to complete, and it’s for those who are totally committed for sure.

Now I’m not saying that you should go into the New Year armed with a fistful of self help and positivity books, but I do strongly suggest that you have some goals to focus on for the year. Just drifting aimlessly through the year will not help you grow to your full potential.


You could be aiming for a better job, or progression within the career that you already have; maybe you want to move house, or save for a new car. All these things require more than just dreaming; and sometimes writing it all down on paper and checking back to how far you have come each couple of months can make a huge difference in your life.


I’m so excited to begin this year holding myself accountable for where I am starting this year and where I will finish. My personal goals are to be healthier, fitter and to finally take some road trips. We were hoping to move house this year, but our dream home was not to be ours, It was snatched up by somebody else. But rather than search for something similar, we agreed that we still love our home but would benefit by making some changes to it, so that we can enjoy it even more. So we focused on the positive aspects of the plan changes and figured that in the meantime, the money we would have spent ‘trading up’ can be directed towards organizing those road trips that we have been talking about for so long!


Now I understand and accept that not everybody will be interested in or will subscribe to the law of attraction theory -please know that I am not in denial. I know that everybody can’t have everything that they want, all of the time. Sometimes we have to take the hit and reassess which direction we are going in. I still hold onto the hope that the new buyers of my dream house may not want to live there forever and it may come back to me. However, I’m not foolishly waiting on it happening anytime soon. I’m holding it in my heart and moving forward with the other goals and dreams that are on my list.



I will share my list of plans with you in another post, and hopefully you can follow my journey through 2017, and see if this Law of Attraction works for me!

I’d love to hear how you all start your New Year. Do you plan ahead? Do you take each day with the gifts that it brings and roll with the punches?

However you welcome in this fresh New Year, I wish you health, and happiness and hope this is your best year yet!

Lots of love, Sally xx


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