Every Cloud has a Silver Lining…


Or so they say!


Hi, my friends, I’m just popping it to keep you updated. Well, we lived through Hurricane Matthew with no damage, thank goodness. This time last year we had a huge tree outside the front windows, and we had it removed because it was cutting all the light out. I’m so pleased that we did that because fallen trees are a huge problem here now.




So after initially being so disappointed at having our Disney cruise cancelled, I soon realized that I’d much rather be safe. I’m a great believer that every cloud has a silver lining and that was proven true when we were informed that not only would we be getting our money back, but we would also be offered twenty percent off the cost, when we rebook!



So last night was spent watching the news updates and checking in on friends all the time. I am presently reading ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ by Cassandra Clare, so I inhaled a hundred pages of that before trying to sleep. Naturally it was a little difficult to concentrate while the storm was brewing. I was a little nervous because our windows are paper-thin here. But all was well, although we have a curfew until tomorrow night.


Anyway, yesterday was a great day for bookish deliveries prior to the storm starting. I received these awesome bookmarks from  Ribonitachocolate     and I love them so much, I had to order more right away. I mean how could I not? They’re just so darn cute.


And look! My husband bought me the typewriter that I’ve been coveting from Michael’s store, for so long. It’s my birthday on Sunday, and I think he was going to buy me another Disney portrait while we were on the cruise, but since that is no longer possible I got my type writer  three days early instead. I’m so lucky. 🙂



This week I also received my first candle order from Reckless Gypsy  . I’m really impressed. They have a hidden crystal inside each one and they smell so clean and fresh even when unlit. It’s hard to explain how they smell. I guess there’s citrus in them for sure but I can’t determine the other scents except to say they are so fresh and lovely. They smell different to every other candle I have but in a great way. I feel cleansed just burning them. I can see me going back for more and more.



Just so pretty!

Well, this is short and sweet. Normal service will resume tomorrow. But I just wanted to check in and let you know that we’re okay here.

lots of love, Sally xx


13 thoughts on “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining…

  1. So glad you’re all okay after the storm! It sounded quite scary. That type writer is also adorable! 😍 I’m so jealous. Have a lovely birthday on Sunday. X


  2. That typewriter is so cute! 😍 I am @devill_iers on Instagram and I have subscribed to your blog! I enjoyed your article. 💯
    Good luck going forward!


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