Sharing my Love of Candles….Part One




The strange purple swirls are my TV colored lights. They don’t photograph well, lol.

I have been collecting candles for as long as I can remember.Right back from being a little girl and my mommy buying me the Avon ones at Christmas. Friends and family have been buying me them for my birthday, Christmas and many events in-between ever since. Then there are the candle sales between all these events; and the result is a home full of pretty scented candles and a welcoming and soothing atmosphere.

I receive lots of direct messages on my Instagram account about my candles: usually asking which I like the best, which I don’t etc. So I thought I’d write some candle posts for you.I have so many candles, I’ve realized that I need to split my  posts up, otherwise they’ll feel like lectures and we don’t need any more lectures in our lives do we? So let’s make this fun and take them in bite sized pieces.

we start with this as post number one.

This post is focusing on my Yankee candle collection. I will introduce reviews on my bookish candles very soon, but let’s get these big guys out-of-the-way first, by way of two posts and a ‘Top Ten Candle countdown’

Now I’ve collected this brand for a long time, so I do have a lot.I’m talking about at least as long as I have lived in this country which is seven years. Also I never pay full price when purchasing for myself. Sign up with Yankee Candle and they send special offers, coupons etc to you. And be sure to sign up for their catalog as they have ‘scratch and sniff’ pages (which they call ‘scratch & smell’ though it doesn’t have such a cute ring to it)

So lets start with my shades of Blue.


img_5253The ‘Blues’ comprise of ‘Splash of Rain, Beach Walk’, Crisp Morning Air’, ‘Storm Watch’ and ‘Blueberry Scone. My favorite of the blues is ‘BLUEBERRY SCONE’. It is Gorgeous! It is strong enough to fill a large room with its delicious fresh-out-of-the-oven scent, and I can smell the blueberries with no problem. It is not at all overpowering, but it is an unmistakable bakery scent. I will say more about this candle later.

Now ‘Storm Watch’ is delicate, and is intended to give the scent reminiscent of that of someone walking into the house after being in the rain (don’t we all love that scent?). The scent is nice, not overwhelming.It doesn’t stand out though. Small rooms only, I suggest.

‘Beach Walk’ is not as strong. In my humble opinion, it smells of very little at all. I wouldn’t purchase it again. Perhaps its best use would be in a smaller room, such as an entry or mudroom. Very disappointing. Lets move ahead.

Now I really like ‘Crisp Morning Air’. While it’s quite a delicate scent, it’s really lovely: rainwater, dew, freshness personified, and reminds me of having the windows thrown open on a fine Spring morning.I always used to do this when living in England. Every morning, whatever the weather, I would throw open all the windows in my house to welcome in the fresh air, while I wandered from room to room, cleaning. I can’t do that here, sadly. If I do, it is like opening an oven door. I’m still not used to it!

Okay, so my least favorite of the blues is ‘Splash of Rain’. Its label suggests a scent similar to that of ‘Crisp Morning Air’ but it is much more flowery, with a very strong Daffodil fragrance. I like flowery, daffodil fragrances, but only if that’s what I’m looking for. I believe this is mislabeled. Yes, the label shows the flowers so I expected floral, but where is the splash of rain?


Are you still with me? Good! Then we will go onto the ‘Yellows’.


img_5250So here we have ‘Daffodil’, ‘Flowers in the Sun’, ‘Bakery Air’, Lemongrass & Orange’ and ‘Winter Glow’. You will see that I’ve used so much of ‘Winter Glow’ over the winter. It is gorgeous.Delicate, clean and fresh. i will be replacing it this year for sure.

Daffodil. Now this is VERY strong. Even before you light it, it is strong. I like this in my kitchen. It is bright and cheerful and is very good for covering up cooking smells too (always a plus) The picture shows Daffodils, the name is Daffodils, so I expected Daffodil scent- not a splash of rain 😉 ha, ha.

‘Flowers in the Sun’ is lovely. Floral of course, strong enough to inhale as you walk past, but not at all overpowering. If you like a milder floral scent then I’d recommend you purchase this rather than the Daffodil.

‘Bakery Air’ is…simply…WOW. I must have a sweet tooth, there seems to be a pattern with my favorites, as they all seem to be food scented. I’d say freshly baked cookies, or even raw cookie dough. Yum. It’s one I use sparingly because I want it to last forever!

Finally in the yellows, I have Lemongrass & Orange. Another huge hit with me. Self explanatory, it does what it says on the label. I love citrus candles. They always make the place smell freshly scrubbed. I feel energized and this scent never fails to lift my spirits, even on the darkest of days. This candle is in my top ten for sure.

Next we have the ‘Reds’….


For some reason I don’t have too many reds. I’ve figured with the Yankee Candles that anything with ‘Roses’ in the title will always remind me of old ladies. Sorry. I love Roses, and I love old ladies but no more Rose candles for me. The scent is actually disturbing. Let me think…perhaps in a sunroom?… no. Still disturbing.

Now ‘Pink Peony’ is slightly less disturbing, but only slightly. looks pretty, but don’t light it…ever (if you want to stay popular with your friends)


Moving swiftly on to ‘Strawberry Lemon Ice’. Yes I like it, okay so I LOVE it, but its nothing to do with the fact that it’s a food candle. Honest. It sparkles. Really. So cute. It smells sweet, candy, popsicle, sticky, cotton candyish. (hold on I need to move those candles out of my eye line …yes the Rose and Peony ones) They worry me. But for certain Lemon Ice is a hit.




Finally in the reds, is ‘Line Dried Cotton’. What can I say except I was suckered by the name.It smells of… nothing much. Who named this? Take them off their medication, fast. My opinion? I wasted my money.


So that’s end of part one. I hope you enjoyed it. I enjoyed sitting down and sniffing all my candles all over again. I feel quite light headed now, but in a good way.

Tomorrow I will be driving two hours from here and doing something really exciting. I can’t wait to tell you. More candle posts soon. Right now I’m going to wash my hair dye out. I should have done it a half hour ago, so goodness knows what it is going to look like.

I wish you ll a lovely day. Curl up in your book nook, light a candle and drift to other worlds.

lots of love,


Sally xx






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