Huge Bookish Birthday Giveaway!

Hi again guys, and welcome back to my blog.

Today I wanted to share some details about a huge exciting new giveaway that I’m hosting over on my Instagram page. You can find me there under the name @bookscupsandcandles.


I’m celebrating two things: Firstly, that I’ve reached 5K followers on my Bookstagram account, and Secondly, to celebrate the birth of this blog =)

This is the biggest giveaway that I’ve ever hosted so I’m extra excited. On previous giveaways I’ve asked you what themes you would be interested in, and I discovered that the most popular choices were either, Harry Potter, (no surprises there) and Disney.

They were fun giveaways for sure, but I figured that as popular as these themes were, I couldn’t guarantee to please everyone. Then I thought some more and I figured, ‘Why don’t I set choices for my fellow book lovers’? So this idea was born. Here’s the details.

I’ve set up three different theme choices for you. You get to decide which of the three themes suits your style best. The first is Harry Potter themed.I call this #Pack 1

Included in this …img_5174

The first item is a hardback copy of J.K.Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. The very first in the Harry Potter series. I have added to this, a Brand new Funko Pop Hogwarts train. The one you see here is mine, but yours will be brand spanking new in the box. Now maybe you already have this one, in which case you can choose a different carriage from this set. You can have Ron’s carriage or Hermione’s! In addition to these lovelies are an amazing Fred & George bookmark and also a ‘Potterhead’ badge / button from the talented ladies at @boookmarky. Find their store here Also note the cute Hermione pen, and the Lord Voldermort key ring. I love this tiny bookmark from @janestinythings that you can pick up from her store Finally, exclusive to this set is an i Pad 2 skin, with my favorite HP quote on it. This is by by Nesstle66

Now I love a bit of sparkle in my pictures, so included in all three choices of packs, there are copper battery- operated fairy lights that can be bent and wound and draped and wrapped around all your gorgeous books.

Also in each choice of pack is this delightful bookish mug by @lucyintheskycreations. Her art is so amazing, I sigh at the beauty of everything she designs. find store here

Last item that is included in all three packs is this candle from @novellyyours candle store


So now we move on to Pack #2 The Witchy pack.



This is my personal favorite! Well, fall is almost here and with it ,Halloween, so I just HAD to do something for this season, right?

The first item is a fabulous hardcover book ‘The Silver Witch’ by Paula Brackston. I only recently discovered this amazing author and I am in love with her writing style. I ended up marathoning most of her books. I’ve added a different mug here. This one is by @eviebookish  Find it here But you still have the option of the mug from Pack #1 if you prefer.  I have added a gorgeous leather grimoire (spell book) or note-book if you don’t want to make your own spells – handmade in India by artisans.

Note also the adorable witches broom prop! Perfect for your Halloween photos. Right at the back there is a cloth bag full of herbs and flowers that I purchased from @ethereal_tarot  at her amazing store Hopefully they’ll bring love and peace into your home. Last item is this Blu-ray edition of Hocus Pocus. I just need the winner to let me know what region your country takes, i.e., PAL or NTSC.

Finally we move on to Pack #3 The Girly pack!



The book in this pack is an adorable notebook which says: ‘I am simply a book drunkard’ Cute right? This pack included the highly sought after @kyliecosmetics Birthday lip kit in ‘Leo’. I figured this was a cool addition to the pack since it’s the Birthday of my blog, and my giveaway ends on my actual birthday  =)

This set was almost $40 alone and they’re selling on e bay now for HUGE money, so if it isn’t quite your shade, you can sell it on and BUY MORE BOOKS!!!  I have added a smaller book journal. This is so cute, you can just journal all the books you have read and there are some great prompts in it.

Tinker bell always manages to sneak into my giveaways somehow. Here is a cute Tinkerbell pen for that book journal. Finally just the cutest, sparkly blue change purse for if you ever manage to have change from all those books that you are buying!

oh I almost forgot about the Bookish book bag! This is also from @eviebookish. Perfect for book hauls and library hauls alike!

I do hope you love everything. I have tried my very best to offer a good selection of choices for everybody.

Kindly follow me on Instagram for all the rules and instructions etc. Please comment below  and remember to leave  your Instagram name too, for an extra FIVE entries into my giveaway.

It ends at midnight (Florida time) on October 9th.

Let me know what you guys think.

Have an amazing day,

Love Sally xxxx





38 thoughts on “Huge Bookish Birthday Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on starting your new blog! This is an amazing giveaway and really nicely themed. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all those entering! My Instagram is @V2KMGS.


  2. I’m always looking forward to your giveaways, this one is probably my favourite ♥ congrats on your 5K !! (This might have been published by accident twice )
    My IG is @raissa_newromantic


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