Welcome to Books, Cups & Candles!



“Hello! Welcome! Please, come on in.”

I open the door wide and beckon you into my home with a smile. I’m really looking forward to this visit.

“ It’s so lovely to meet you. I would be thrilled if you would stay a while; I’d love us to get to know each other better. Can I offer you a drink perhaps? Or a snack…?”

While this is how I would love to welcome you into my home, it’s rather different with a blog isn’t it? It takes a little more creativity to make that connection between us, but I’m confident that it can be done, and I promise I’m going to do my absolute best to ensure that you find what you are looking for on these pages.

I want you to enjoy your visit to my page just as much as if we were sat chatting with me over tea, either at my home or yours, or in some cozy café.

As difficult as that sounds to pull off, my hope is that you want to linger, to browse, and to have to force yourself to leave, dragging your feet reluctantly, as you back out of the door.

But I’ll need your help if we are going to accomplish this. This means I need your comments, and e-mails. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want to see more of. Tell me what doesn’t fire up your enthusiasm. This is all for you. Please feel free to make suggestions to me of what I can do to grip your interest and to make you come back for more!

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. First things first: “Hi, I’m Sally and I am a book addict.”

While that sounds a little like a welcome to some addiction counseling meeting, I really feel it is the most fitting description of me. You see, reading comes as naturally to me as breathing, and I cannot last a single day without feasting on words. I figure you must feel a little that way too, since you’re here. How wonderful: a meeting of minds.

So let me tell you a little about what I hope to offer you here…

When I read, I read everything. By this I mean there is no genre safe from my prying eyes. Whether it be fantasy, adventure, true crime, contemporary, classics, or even a touch of romance, I’m game to devour them all. Greedy? …Perhaps, but not so greedy that I don’t want to share my favorite reads with you!

And Let me tell you, I love to feed my brain. I love to learn, so expect non-fiction too, and plenty of it.

Here’s a little more about me: Firstly, the name of my blog. You see I am not only a total book nerd; I am a serious collector of candles. I have thirty-five Yankee candles in my bedroom, and one in every other room in my house. In addition, I have many other brands of candles that I also love, (read this to mean that I’ve lost count) and use daily. Every morning it is part of my routine to light a candle, just as naturally as I open the curtains to let in the light. I read by candlelight where possible, and I find it so relaxing.

Similarly, Tea is my favorite drink; I am always on the look out for new and delicious blends to try, so I also love a pretty cup or ten to interchange daily.

I think I’m an addictive collector at heart. I guess there may have been a danger of me becoming a client on one of the ‘Hoarders’ TV shows if my other obsession wasn’t interior design. I get such a kick out of making over my little nest; that I’m always looking for new ideas to share.

Well, I think that’s all you need to know about what to expect here in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know. Now you’ve got to know me better, I hope you’ll come back soon. I have great plans for you!


P.S. You can also find me on Instagram. @bookscupsandcandles

Sally xxx

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Books, Cups & Candles!

  1. I don’t know if my latest comment works, so here I am posting again 😜 I was saying that I come from Instagram, and I Will sure follow your blog too ! And THANKS SO much for this AMAZING GIVEAWAY ! Your account is definitely one of my fav ! Xx (my name on instagram: estelleandbooks )


  2. I love your IG and look forward to your blog! 🙂 Is there a tea you would recommend before bedtime? Something other than “sleepytime.” On IG I’m carmen_l_thomas!


    • Hi Carmen, Thank you for your comment. I think, in general,Camomile Tea is always a hit for soothing your senses and helping induce a relaxing sleep. I will sort through my teas for you and and make a post with brands and details, how about that?


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